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If you would like to join me on the podcast as a guest, then you can do that by submitting your details below.

Please be sure to include

  1. A weblink to where I can see your work,

  2. Your Instagram handle or other social media handle

  3. Something about yourself and your work

Once the submission has been reviewed and if you are successful, me or one of the team will be in touch to have a preliminary chat about the things we would cover on the recording. 

Then we will schedule a time for the recording. This can often be done online, and it is helpful if we can do it with video but only the audio is recording ( so dont worry about bed-hair).  So you will need a stable internet connection. For most people this is done from home rather than the studio.



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If you would like to be featured on the blog, or would like to propose someone else, then you can also do that via the form below.  

Please include a website address where we can view the work, instagram or other social media handles, and some details about the artist, their work, process etc

Once selected, you will be required to send 8 images. For the blog we often have a call to have a chat, and then this is written up into the blog post.  Sometimes we may send you questions by email to answer in  your own words.

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