done for you

For artists who are overwhelmed with running their business, I provide a studio management service which includes

  • Growing your social media presence, producing content, getting your story out there, web & email marketing content including email campaigns

  • Reaching out to galleries, finding opportunities to exhibit and sell,

  • Promoting your exhibitions/ events and related media attention.

Basically the things I teach but you still don’t want to do, and instead want it done for you by someone embedded with the industry.

This is a three month package which includes business consultancy and mentoring, so it goes the way you want. Use the form below to enquire if this is for you

how it works

We start with an hours call to decide what you need help with and what you want to hand over and what you would like to achieve in our time working together

You get to see the written work before it goes on your site, emails or social media.

Weekly 30 mins calls to check in or messenger support.

Coaching for meetings or presentations with galleries or studio visits from curators or gallerists.

Sound good?

Use the form below to apply, I only work with artists who are ready to make the investment to grow their business and want to take their work to new audiences, grow their sales, find new opportunities and are ready to step up to the challenge.

This is like having a business partner, someone who has your back, knows and understands your goals and is invested in your success.

This a three month package as it requires the time to create the traction and see the results.

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