For artists who are overwhelmed with running their business, and need step by step support to achieve their goals, it’s time to get some help in your business. After all, nobody achieved great things all alone.

For most people looking for opportunities to exhibit, finding galleries to show with or sell online, it starts with growing an audience. This includes

  • Growing your social media presence, getting better about talking about yourself as the artist, and talking about your art work.

  • I will help you with producing content, getting your story out there, both on social media and your web & email marketing content including email campaigns

  • Researching appropriate galleries & finding opportunities to exhibit and sell,

  • Promoting your exhibitions/ events and related media attention.

I only work with artists who are ready to step up and do the work, knowing it will make great shifts in their business. Many artists would like the attention and a thriving business but are in fact afraid to step into it. There is a mindset shift that needs to happen in order to become successful in the ways you desire. It cannot be done by hustle alone, and it cannot all be done by someone else if the artist hides behind their work.

For artists wanting to work with galleries, note that many galleries will not work with artists who do not have some audience, and some record of sales. This is why I say we need to grow your audience first, and sell directly before approaching galleries. This way you are prepared and have some experience under your belt.

I work with early career artists of any age, working in 2d and 3 art, particularly painting, printmaking, collage, sculpture and fine art photography.

How it works

  • We start with an hours call to get clear on your goals both long term and in the three months we will work together.

  • We get clear on what you need help with, and I can provide content suggestions, sales strategies, tech help, templates and worksheets if necessary

  • Once you do the work we have agreed on the calls you can reach out to me for feedback or support along the way.

  • Weekly 30 mins calls for continued planning and/ or messenger support.

  • Coaching for meetings or presentations with galleries or studio visits from curators or gallerists.

This is a fee based service and a three month package which includes business consultancy, accountability and mentoring, so it goes the way you want. I provide tailored support for you to step into the next level.

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