Get Inclusive With Your Art Collection

Every year, the LGBT community and its allies dedicate the month of June not only to celebrate its accomplishments, but also to acknowledge what still needs to be done to achieve equality. Dedicated in honor of the Stonewall Riots, Pride Month is a time of celebration, political activism, and a nod to the lives who were unjustly lost as a result of anti-LGBT violence.

Businesses enjoy taking part in Pride Month, taking the time to not only find a way to support the LGBT community, but celebrate diversity and inclusion. After all, according to Josh Bersin, research shows that “teams that operate in an inclusive culture outperform their peers by a staggering 80 percent."

Pride Month has ended, but there are  still plenty of ways to celebrate diversity throughout the year and to improve your business in the process. One of those ways is to make use of temporary exhibitions.

Here are three ways you can use this:

Feature Artwork by Someone Whose Work You Want Seen

Using your art collection or temporary exhibition, you can spotlight an artist whose work you love and who also represents those demographics.

  • It can be using an image of an artwork by that artist as a screensaver for that month,

  • Feature an interview with the artist on your intranet. If the idea of an interview sounds like the right fit for your company, I would suggest a series of interviews which include senior leaders in your business and clients.
    I've seen companies do both successfully.

It simply isn’t enough to announce that you are being inclusive. Showing the work and culture of these groups is a good way to quietly say: “We are interested in what you have to say, and we want more people to listen to your story.”

Invite an Artist from a Member of the Chosen Demographic as a Guest Speaker.

This can be any topic, but if it can apply to you and your business, even better. Bari Williams said, "Diversity gets people into the room, but inclusion keeps them there."

You can even have them speak to customers instead in themed seminars, too. So long as you can show that your business is a diverse and inclusive place, the specifics are up to you.

Commission an Artist from your Collection to Produce Something Wearable for your Company

Commission an artist from your art collection to design something useable or wearable for your company - it can be small like a badge, a lanyard, a T-shirt or tote bag. This way your staff and clients can also show their support as individuals as well as your company’s message of diversity and inclusion.

The Curator’s Salon provides a rotating art exhibition service which is colourblind. Our artists are chosen for the amazing art work they produce and the suitability of that art for the office environment. That said, they also happen to represent all different cultures, persuasions and genders. So the exhibition at your office can be doing more for you than filling blank walls, it can connect your business to wider cultural events and discussions. 

Get in touch to discuss rotating art exhibitions in the workplace and we can also talk about how to use the exhibitions to engage staff, clients, members and the community beyond.