Distraction = Productivity

The traditional view of offices seeks to keep employees focused and productive by minimizing distractions. However, during a long, tedious workday occasional distraction is actually a positive thing.

Distraction and daydreaming from art replenish our reserves of mental and physical energy, which encourages creativity and makes it easier to refocus. When employees get small mental breaks by observing art, they tend to be happier and work better in the long term.

Enriched Spaces Increase Productivity

Using art to create a more enriched space will increase employee productivity. Enriched spaces feature arrangements of art and plants. Research by Exeter University’s School of Psychology found that people working in enriched spaces (decorated with art or plants) were 17% more productive than those in lean spaces. Dr. Craig Knight, who has studied the psychology of working environments for 12 years at the University of Exeter, also discovered that people who worked in the enriched office worked about 15% quicker than those in the lean office and had fewer health complaints. By increasing employee satisfaction, offering distraction, and promoting creativity, enriched workspaces have a large impact on employee productivity.

Business owners looking to add art to their walls should always hire a professional. It may be tempting to delegate this to the receptionist or to an already stressed, overworked office manager, but hiring a pro will yield better results. It's worth hiring a pro: for the experience, project management, art sourcing, and installation.

The Curator's Salon provides a rotating art exhibition service for office spaces. With our rotating art services, we will transform your office space into one that inspires employees and displays your company values. Save the time and hassle of constantly designing and updating the art in your office with our rotating art exhibition services. Get in touch for more information on how we will help you create a beautiful, & productive office environment.