The Workplace Decoration That Keeps on Giving

For thousands of years, humans have created art to express their deepest emotions. And for thousands of years, people have observed said artworks. Art inspires, connects, and stimulates the brain in ways nothing else can. So what would happen if we incorporated art into our everyday surroundings? Read on to learn more.

Art and Happiness

Think of a time when you saw a piece of art that moved you. You may have been in a museum, a park, an airport, or a hospital. Art is all over, and there is a reason for that! It has been proven in many studies that art is a large factor in happiness and well-being. In one 2008 study conducted in Italy participants connected their psychological well-being directly to their experiences with cultural events. Including art in everyday surroundings promotes a culture of physical and psychological health that is rewarding for everyone.

Art and Creative Thinking

Happiness, however, is not the only benefit of art. Art has also been found to encourage critical thinking skills. From an early age, children can develop their analytical thinking and creativity by engaging with visual art. Art is also known to reduce stress. In her article on museum experiences, Jan Packer even describes viewing art in this context as “restorative.”

All we have to do to know art is important is consider that time after time art has been stolen during wars in an attempt to erase a culture and create a feeling of hopelessness. This is because art develops the brain, provides mental and emotional fulfilment, and unifies people all over the world.

Bringing Art to Your Workplace

Art is a huge part of our lives, and fortunately there are many ways to enjoy it without going to a museum. While art may be commonplace in some public places, bringing art to the workplace can create inspire employees to collaborate and create themselves. Many museums are only open during work hours, so providing your employees with opportunities to view art in their own workplace would go a long way towards increasing their well-being and your employee retention.

By bringing art to your workplace, you can also support many up-and-coming artists who want their artwork seen and voices heard. The Curator’s Salon believes that art should be available to everyone, and can give your employees an opportunity to enjoy art and increase their health, happiness, and productivity. To learn more about art installations for your workplace, see here.