How Workplace Design Affects Recruitment

Have you ever thought about how your office is attracting--or even scaring away--employees? An increasing number of jobs give the option of working remotely. When workers do decide to leave the comfort of home to work in an office, they want to enjoy an inspiring environment, one that even makes going to work every day somewhat pleasurable. Adding art to your workspace can achieve this atmosphere. Read on to learn more.

Art in the Workplace.jpg


More and more employees are demanding modern workspaces, especially millennials. Saracen Interiors performed a study that found that 43% of people turned down job offers because of the design of the office space. It was also found that 66% of people would travel farther for a job if that meant they could work in an agreeable environment.  

The truth is that employees want to be happy and inspired at their office. After all, they have to be there at least five days a week, eight hours a day. They should not have to dread walking to their cubicle every morning. Similarly, a company should be proud to share their space with potential recruits and employees. That’s not easy to do when the workspace is lifeless.

If you are bringing clients and recruits to places outside of the office to impress them, take a moment to consider why. Is there no place to entertain clients at your office? Is the interior drab, a poor reflection of your company’s vibrant and innovative spirit? Are employees visibly unhappy and uninspired?

Space speaks for itself

To keep up an element of happiness, fun, and creativity, Google creates offices with game rooms, cafeterias, and bright colors. Pixar allows employees to have control over the decoration of their personal office space in order to ensure comfort and express themselves—important for any creative job.

Clearly, the design of a space is a way to advertise your company’s brand. Space has voice and elicits emotion. If you are looking for a professional feel, think about a high-end, sleek design. If you are looking for something hip, consider lounge spaces, coffee machines, and modern art. Social area speaks of a company’s goal for community. Eco-friendly decor and plants speak of a company’s goal to be environmentally conscious. This will help attract recruits who share the same ideals.

We provide rotating art exhibitions within office spaces, which help enliven and enrich the work place and align with your company’s values. You can learn more here