Art curation, your business and you

It goes without saying that when you’re a business owner, your top concern is attracting customers. Some do this by using multimedia marketing campaigns; others depend on word of mouth. And then there’s another group of business owners: those who try to enrich the quality of their spaces by exhibiting artwork.

That last strategy is a great way to add personality to a business and make customers remember you. Going about it without a professional curator, though, can make things complicated -- more so than they need to be.

For one, artwork curation takes work. When business owners decide to do this themselves, they’re stuck juggling the curation work (that is, selecting and communicating with artists, researching the artists and their art, checking the art to see if it’s on-brand or appropriate, among other things) on top of doing their own job, which can lead to frustration and burnout

Other Reasons to Leave Art Curation to a Professional

Okay, say the business owner doesn’t get burnout and can juggle both at the same time. Other things can very easily (and do!) go wrong:

●      The quality of the chosen artwork can vary by a lot, and can even take away much-needed business by driving away customers. Coffee shops often suffer from this problem.

●      Overworked managers can overlook artwork that is too controversial or otherwise clashes with the business’s feel and target demographic. For example, you might find yourself stuck with several politically charged pieces that just would not read well in your office lobby. This problem often happens when artists decide to change their submitted art at the last minute.

●      The framing of the artwork can end up below standards, looking shoddy or even cheap on the walls.

●      The installation or hanging can be poor, which can lead you to bring designers in to fix and repair walls between exhibitions.

Instead of dealing with these headaches, the best solution is to find an art curator for your business and allow them to transform your business into a visually stunning environment..

Finding the right art professional might take some time, but when you find the right one, you’ll appreciate effort. Not only will they use their network of resources to find the best art for your business while keeping it appropriate and ‘on-brand’, they will also arrange the delivery and installation, as well.

Not all artwork is appropriate for exhibition in a place of business, and with a trusted curator, it would be far more likely that your exhibitions will feel and look congruent with what you want. Let us at the Curator’s Salon help you embrace art in the workplace.

All-in-all, it just makes more sense in the long run, both for you and your business. As Red Adair once said, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, just wait until you hire an amateur.” It might seem harsh, but it’s certainly true. It costs a lot less money and heartache to do a masterful job in the first place than have to correct shoddy work done by someone inexperienced.