Art at Work

Art Matters

As you consider everything your business needs to succeed, art may seem like a low priority. However, a beautiful office can truly mean the difference between a lively workspace and a glum one. Art matters, especially to your employees. One survey found that 83 percent of the employees felt that artwork in their workspace improved the work environment. An inspiring, modern space is important to both prospective and current employees. Art promotes the feelings of motivation and creativity that employees seek in their workplace.

Creating a Culture

Your office space should represent your company and culture; it will either encourage collaboration and innovation or squelch it. According to a study by the International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics, job satisfaction is largely tied to work environment.  

However, there is no magic formula for designing a workspace. When designing and decorating for your office, you should consider the atmosphere you want to create, as well as what will make your employees happy. Make sure your decor aligns with your company culture and clientele. Focus on creating an atmosphere that gives your employees a feeling of security and well-being

An Untapped HR Tool

While most companies focus on the salary and benefits they can offer, they often neglect the value of a well-designed space. Open design with collaborative workspaces is the key to drawing in millennial talent. According to a study by PSFK, such designs speak to millennials, who tend to gravitate toward informality, collaboration, and community when working.

Inspiring office spaces are not just an added perk to draw in millennials. A recent study by Saracen Interiors discovered that 43% of office workers actually turned down a job because they found the workspace uninspiring.

Additionally, neutral office spaces also affect employee retention. The same study by Saracen Interiors found that 39% of office workers said a dull office was one of the main reasons they left a previous position. Employee turnover decreases productivity and improving your office atmosphere with art is a simple way to add value to the working environment and current employees happy.

Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is linked to retention and productivity as well. A collaborative survey from Business Committee for the Arts and the International Association for Professional Art Advisors found that art in the workplace helps businesses address key challenges, such as reducing stress (78% agree), increasing creativity (64% agreed) and encouraging expression of opinions (77% agreed).

A dull workspace may lower employee satisfaction and negatively impact their ability to work effectively. Art in the workspace provides a comfortable environment for employees and helps reduce their stress, which in turn improves their productivity.

If you are interested in art for your business get in touch. The Curator’s Salon provides rotating art exhibitions for office spaces to charge their brand and create an inspiring workplace.