Art in Co-Living Spaces

When we’re children, we don’t think too much about how our spaces look. Our home is the place where we dump all of our toys and play around and where we feel safest. It isn’t until we grow older that we think critically about our surroundings and how they affect us. We want spaces we can feel proud of, places that we can not only call home, but can also use to express ourselves. 

One of the ways to make that space for your tenants is to include curated artwork.

Art Livens a Space

First, artwork not only gives the space personality, but it also completes it. College kids may not mind the empty walls as much -- all the more space to decorate it with band posters -- but in busy workspaces, empty walls can come off as sterile or lifeless.  

Artwork can add an air of elegance to the space, making it seem more upscale and far more desirable than the studio apartment with the stark white walls and older furniture. We spend most of our time at home, after all;  it’s important for it to be welcoming, especially to visitors or new tenants.

Art Promotes Conversation

This can work on several levels: for one, artwork creates what we in interior design call a “Focal Point” -- that is, a single point that brings the viewer’s eye in, giving them an overall feel of the space. Ideally, this focal point will be perfectly balanced with the other elements of the room, allowing it to shine on its own.

From there, a visitor into the space might glance at it, and be inspired to ask about it. Or, the owner of the space might point it out and use it as an icebreaker in a conversation with a new neighbour or friend. It’s not only enriching the space, but it’s facilitating connections between people.

Art in Co-living Spaces

Co-living spaces are meant to be upper-scale spaces for young professionals, and matching that sort of contemporary living with contemporary art is a good way to keep the space both inviting and interesting. You could even liven up these spaces by occasionally changing out the art, or making events or parties around the exhibitions.

Whatever your needs may be, The Curator’s Salon can help you source art for your interior projects and provide rotating exhibitions with artists that are being talked about today.