Art in the workplace

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curated art exhibitions in the workplace

Art in the workplace has been shown to have many benefits including improved productivity, well being and employee engagement.

We work with businesses that want to create inspiring workplaces and add value to their brands though a program of changing art exhibitions ranging from 2 to 6 months.

With a focus on offices and co-working spaces, we help them achieve increased footfall, user engagement, and an on-brand inspiring working environment through a cultural program of rotating exhibitions and related events.


charge your brand

It is important that the brand values of a business are reflected in the art works chosen. Most times businesses choose to have art in their public areas such as lobbies and reception areas and meeting rooms.

The pieces displayed are often the face of the brand when welcoming clients. Coming from a corporate background Gita understands the importance of having the right work in the right spaces.

Working with us takes the the stress out of art selection and installation, you can leave it to the industry professionals while you get on with business as usual.


for businesses of all sizes

It is a common misconception that art in the workplace is a costly endeavour, and only available to those companies with large budgets. Rotating art exhibitions at work allow your company to be a patron of the arts and support the wider creative economy, without the expense of building a corporate collection. In short, it keeps your business asset-light.

We will also provide the information about the art works displayed so you can share this on your company website or intranet if you choose.

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