Artists' Open House

In this episode I talk to Rachel Gluyas from Dulwich Festival Artists' Open House.  Rachel organises the artists' open house much like I do for Camberwell Arts, and in this conversation we were able to get into the aspects of our roles that are little seen by the artists we support.

We talk about how the event has grown, what it means to the community and why the planning can take six months.  Rachel and I discuss what makes an artists' open house successful, and how being part of an organised event can help artists get more exposure.

Rachel and I talk about working with artists to help them promote their open studios and how artists can use the occasion to prepare work for display, practice talking about their work, getting feedback from visitors and using the event to invite galleries or art dealers if they are looking to take next steps.

Then we discuss the marketing and promotion of the overall event, and our work behind the scenes as well including meetup events where participating artists can meet each other and grow their network.

It was a really fun conversation and I hope you enjoy it.