Business Karma with Nicole Liloia

In this episode of the podcast I talk to business strategist and coach, Nicole Liloia. 
She explains business karma which might be holding back your success.

Nicole talks about being responsive to other people, requests, emails and the like, if you are finding that people are not following up and responding to you.

Then she talks about engagement. If you are finding you are not getting the engagement you want, say from your social media platforms, then to check in with yourself and see if you are engaging on other peoples content. It is not all about presenting your own work but being supportive to your network as well.

Then she discusses follow through. Are you making applications and leaving them half done, are there enquiries sitting in your inbox? Follow through is all about completing the task, which can be doing the thing you said you would, it could be sending the images through to gallery or helping someone that you said you would.

It's a shorter episode than others, but definitely worth a listen and she has lots of simple actionable advice to clean up your business karma.

Nicole has also created a pdf to help you batch your work so that you can spend time doing more the creative stuff you love.  You can get access to it here

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