The Jaunt

On this episode of the podcast I speak to Jeroen - a co founder of The Jaunt.

The Jaunt is a project that lets artists pre sell art work to fund a trip - or go on a jaunt- where they can be inspired by their new surroundings to create art work.

It is a simple concept of art patronage that allows the artist to explore new creative territory.

We talked about the artists he has worked with, and the places they have been, how the project is growing and why the project is important.

What I learned from Jeroen

  1. He is grateful for the strong supporter base that the project has built, and I am sure that it has created a new and accessible gateway to people becoming art patrons.

  2. The project came about after seeing successful crowdfunding projects and talking to artists about travel and inspiring trips. I loved his ‘ how can we make it happen’ attitude.

  3. The project started in 2013 with 3 Jaunts and is still going strong. Now he has 10 Jaunts a year

  4. The project is entirely funded from the sales of the artworks and he is resistant to sponsorship as the current model allows him and the artists autonomy and flexibility without answering to sponsors or funding bodies.

  5. Prints are sold at 60 Euro before the trip and a little higher if buying the print after the trip. usually around $100.

  6. Most people think Jeroen gets to travel with the artists but he admits that that could influence their experience so he prefers they take the entire trip without him.

  7. One of the items on the brief is that the artist must document their trip, but how they do this is their choice. It can include video, photos, keeping a journal or a sketchbook.

  8. He is still astonished that nobody has ever missed a flight!

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