Alexandra Gallagher

My guest in this episode is Alex Gallagher, a collage artist based in the north of England.

Alex became a mother at a young age and learned quickly to balance her desire to be an artist with the demands of raising a child.

She credits social media as giving her the opportunities that she would otherwise have missed out on. Alex, has worked on large scale commercial projects and is excited at the new opportunities that come her way through her online presence.

What I learned from Alex

  1. Alex uses social media to connect to galleries, connect to relevant groups internationally and to showcase her work. Like most of us, she is self taught on the platform. She also uses social media to discover art work by artists from around the world.

  2. She sees how the internet has opened up opportunities for artists to create their own success, and sees artists who have made an impact on the art world.

  3. She works internationally with an unknown number of galleries and shows in the UK, Australia, Japan and the USA.

  4. She uses Photoshop to create her images. When she used a physical sketchbook, she found that her children would draw over them, so moving to a digital sketchbook suited her. The speed with which she can create and edit also suits her working style.

  5. Both her prints and paintings are created digitally first; the images for paintings are then rendered in paint from the sketch. Usually her prints are not turned into paintings, the paintings are

  6. In late 2017 Alex was commissioned to create 4 murals for a cruise ship - Symphony of the Seas. She found the project both exciting and challenging at the same time She borrowed a studio to create the work on large canvas panels which the ship fitting company pieced together for the installation.

  7. Having completed the project she looks forward to new challenges and seeing her work on a larger scale, always learning and improving her process and skillset.

  8. Alex recently showed with Ace Club who fund their exhibitions through the sale of limited edition prints by the participating artists. The project is expected to tour the UK in 2019.

Alex Gallagher The Curators Salon.png
Marie by Alex Gallagher - print.png
Flamingo Alex Gallagher, The Curators Salon.png
Mural installed on the cruise ship, Symphony of the Seas

Mural installed on the cruise ship, Symphony of the Seas

Mural for Blackburn Open Walls

Mural for Blackburn Open Walls

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