Sam Peacock

I spent the morning talking to artist Sam Peacock about his work. Sam is an mixed media artist who works from his home studio in Sussex. He produces abstract landscapes on sheet metal using paint, coffee & fire amongst other things.  Sam has been working with galleries for several years and our conversation was alot around the commissioned works he produces for clients.

Here are 7 things I learned from Sam

  1. He prefers working with galleries rather than selling directly because it gives him more time to focus on making the art work, leaving the dealers to to manage the sales

  2. Working with a number of galleries means he gets his work seen in a variety of locations, including different art fairs worldwide

  3. He spends a couple of hours most days on the admin side of things

  4. He has become adept at colour mixing. A client requesting an art work to fit with an interior can send him a piece of carpet or wall paint and Sam can produce an art work that includes the desired colour range.

  5. As a landscape painter he takes an interest in the environment of his commissioning patrons. On a project in Canary Wharf, he researched the history of the London Docklands and was able to reference that in the final piece.

  6. While he might find opportunities to submit a proposal for a client seeking a bespoke piece of art, Sam prefers to get one of his galleries involved to negotiate pricing and details. This frees up time and space for him to focus on work that he enjoys, rather than the selling and business side which he doesn’t love so much

  7. He sees talking to clients & collectors as part of his job description as a full time artist. He stays in touch with collectors to keep them abreast of new work coming out of the studio, and he knows that patrons enjoy spending time and conversation with artists.

Sam Peacock art.png
Exhibition at Curious Duke Gallery

Exhibition at Curious Duke Gallery

Sam Peacock artwork.png

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He is represented in London by Curious Duke Gallery

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