Roy's People Art Fair

I spent the afternoon talking to Roy Tyson, an artist and founder of Roys People Art Fair. In this post I write about seven things I learned from Roy, and why artists should take part in artists’ fairs.


Seven things I learned from Roy Tyson

  1. The feeling of the prep, the build up, the deadline and setting up as well as meeting buyers directly is surrounded by a high energy that led Roy to set up his own event that is entirely artist run.

  2. The first fair took about a year from idea to delivery, and now he expects the fair to take place twice yearly.

  3. Having the first fair under their belts, Roy and Sam were able to build on their success and their learnings to grow the fair and bring it to a central London location.

  4. Roy's People Art Fair is unique in that it offers the support that artists need to take part, not just in promoting their work but also other aspects of self representation such as how to handle conversations with visitors, buyers and dealers.

  5. The fair is focussed around making sure the artists get the most out of it. This includes sales, promotion, education and how best to self represent.

  6. A lot of artists work alone in their studios and fairs like Roys People Art Fair gives them a place to meet people and grow their network.

  7. Artists can use their participation to promote their work to their audience and give their visitors a place to see the art work in the flesh. Events like these are given more exposure through the collaborative marketing by all participants

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You can see more details about Roys People Art Fair here

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