Katharine Morling

Katharine Morling is an award-winning artist working with porcelain.  She has a characteristic style in black and white and her sculptures appear like 3D illustrations. Commonly producing sculptures of familiar every day items such as cameras, scissors and sewing machines, she also produces pieces which are made up of collections, such as butterflies, sewing kits  and tool boxes.

K Morling Ceraimic sculpture.png

I knew of Katharine's work from a Royal Academy show, and met her at her 2015 exhibition at Canary Wharf, and have since visited her studio regularly in South London to see what was new and what she was working on.  She has continued to show at the RA Summer Show in recent years and her work always proves popular with new and returning collectors.

She says of her work “The works I create are pieces of narrative in my progressing story, one piece leads to the next and I work very instinctually. My work represents my inner searching, shown outwardly in domestic and uncanny scenes. I have to trust and believe that I can communicate through this medium.

I love the illustrative quality of her work, it draws me in each time I see her work. And it's often hard to resist a purchase when I'm at the studio!

Morling ceramic sculpture.png
Morling sculptures.png
K Morling Keys.png
Boom, shown at the Royal Academy 2018

Boom, shown at the Royal Academy 2018

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