It's an inside job - with Danielle Prahl

Danielle Prahl is a business coach and in this episode of the podcast we cover a whole load of things that can help you get to the next level, but it all starts with the mindset.

If you were told that being an artist was a poor career choice then it likely stems from the idea that being an artist is a lot work for little reward. Danielle talks about how the digital world has opened up opportunities for artists to be found by a global audience but it requires a mindset of believing that is available to you.

She talks about being compensated for your gifts as this is another area that artists particularly, find difficult. Being paid for something that comes easily to you , ie producing art - can make people feel uncomfortable but she explains that we all need to be paid for our natural talents.

She talks about operating from a place of what the next level version of you would do, take decisions from there, feeling into it and working on this energetic shift daily. As success appears in your life, the mindset blocks or obstacles don’t always disappear but instead arise in different ways, so it is a constant practice like any kind of exercise.

And similarly for owning it, and claiming it, whether it be a title or the place you want to be next in your career or business, it all starts with deciding. Danielle explains that many people don’t know what their success would look like, less feel like. In order to do that you need to spend time as often as you can, thinking and feeling this. And from this place you can see what help you need, what your next steps might be, the emails you need to send or even who you need to call today.

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