5 Tips to working with a mentor

Tia Lynn joins me for this episode of the podcast to talk about working with coaches and mentors.

Tia is a business empowerment coach and she also runs a custom clothing line.

In this episode we talk about when to know you are ready to hire a coach or mentor.

  1. Time - you have time to work with a coach, you are ready to make time to scale up your business and you want to save time from learning and have someone show you the steps.

  2. You don’t need to hire someone in your niche,

  3. When you invest in a coach you show that you are ready to step up and do the work to achieve your goals. It is the difference between passively consuming free content and doing the work, the investment often times can be the push you need to do the work knowing that you have a coach in your corner, helping you with the next steps

  4. When you have tried alot of things on your own and done the courses but now you need some help in applying the lessons, this is a great time to hire a coach.

  5. A coach can help with strategy accountability and feedback and this can be the difference between doing it on your own and stepping up to the next level in your business.


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