Rachel Spencer - Personal brands & Instagram

Rachel Spencer is a business strategist and Instagram expert, and my guest on this episode of the podcast.

We talked about how Rachel started out on Instagram talking about body image issues, evolved into a life coach and more recently a business coach.
She has used Instagram to grow a large audience, reach media, and continue her work around body image issues.

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5 things I learned from Rachel

  1. People need a reason to buy from YOU rather than another artist. Artists can use Instagram to show the whole process, the highs the lows and everything in between.

  2. Use hashtags that have between 10k to 500k posts under them

  3. The personal stories, and the artists who are open about what is going on with them draw in bigger audiences as people coming to their page get an inside look into the artist they might be buying from.

  4. Using Instagram stories is her biggest tip. She sees that the audience for stories can be different to the people seeing the feed. And uses the stories to direct them to posts. She uses the stories to show more behind the scenes.

  5. She tags influencers and media outlets in occasional posts to get their attention. Comments from accounts with high numbers can improve the visibility of her own posts.

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