Charlie Levine and ITV Creates

Charlie Levine is the curator behind the ITV Creates project. The project invites a different artist each week to produce the tv channels’ ident which is broadcast between television programs.

In this episode she talks about how the project came about, working with the artists, the recording schedule and working with stakeholders in a major corporation.

There are a bunch of artists that both Charlie and I know and I share some of their idents below.

James Alec Hardy for ITV Creates

James Alec Hardy for ITV Creates

Five things I learned from Charlie

  1. The project goes through various stages of approval from internal stakeholders. Even after filming an ident can be rejected

  2. The filming is done in batches each month, and each artist has a day filming in the studio.

  3. The project started with a short lead time, commencing in Sept 2018 and the first ident aired on January 1st, 2019.

  4. The artists have started to form their own networks supporting each other and meeting up.

  5. The selected artists are chosen to represent the diversity of British society and the creative community within the UK. They range from early career to established artists and later in the year we will be seeing work by students from UK universities.

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