Danny Treacy

Danny Treacy is an artist based in London who works with various materials that he sources from rivers and forests.

In this episode of the podcast he talks about his art which is process led and his interest in places as spaces for illicit activity or ritual and the way they act as filters of evidence left behind.


Five Things I Learned from Danny

  1. He thinks of the spaces where he sources his materials as filters. The idea of the filter is integral to his work and as artist he is again filtering by the selecting of the items he ultimately uses

  2. He activates the clothing he finds which become sculptures and the subject of photographs

  3. He learned to cast metal, and made a cast of the forest floor, with the discarded aluminium cans he found in the forest.

  4. The clothing and things he collects for his art are signifiers for Danny - they allude to the unfathomable, mystery, subversion and exploration by people.

  5. Items that are considered abject become signifiers of other things such as experience and activity as he is interested in the alternate use of spaces by different communities.

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Rituals by Danny Treacy

Rituals by Danny Treacy

Rituals (Forest), Fig.15.jpg

Archaeologies is showing at Charlie Smith London til 13 April 2019

Website https://www.dannytreacy.com/