Anne Claire Fleer & Painting the Body

Anne Claire Fleer is a London based artist whose work is around body positivity and body anxieties. Having started her working life in a completely different industry, it is clear that art keeps Anne in a state of flow.

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Five things I learned from Anne Claire

  1. She worked in finance and after burn out found herself pulled to exploring her creativity which she had put aside for many years.

  2. The workshops evolved from a collaboration with a photographer friend

  3. Her art practice is two fold; The experiences for women who have often have body image issues and the abstract work and photographs she produces

  4. Her plans for the future include building a team so that she can spend more time with the clients who come to her for body painting. From each of her clients she learns their unique stories and sees the impact of their work together as the women grow confident in their bodies under the paint.

  5. Anne Claire is big on personal and professional development, always stretching herself and is excited to see where her art practice takes her. She is currently planning a large project in the Netherlands for 2020

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