Lori Cuisinier - Death Love and Everything Else

Lori is an artist whose current body of work uses Catullus's poem 64 as a point of departure. She trained as a painter and uses photography and considers her work as performative.

We were following each other on Instagram and met up in Venice where Lori is showing at the Palazzo Bembo with the European Cultural Centre until November 2019.


6 Things I learned from Lori

  1. Her influences include Raphael, El Greco and Rembrandt and in particular their use of chiaroscuro and drapery as emotive gestures.

  2. She uses the poem to explore emotions from ancient texts with contemporary references.

  3. Lori uses each occasion where she is exhibiting to move her career forward by talking about recent and future plans at each stage to ensure galleries and curators are aware of how active she is. In doing this, new opportunities arise each time.

  4. Lori trained as painter and then became a lawyer. And soon returned to her art life which she is able to do full time.

  5. Death Love and Everything Else ( DL+EE) is an ongoing body of work. It will likely see different iterations and Lori hopes to soon work with video and film as well.

  6. Lori finds herself fully immersed in her source material and the text is very rich with emotion. She says she has previously found herself deeply entrenched in other source material exploring and researching, but this text and body of work she anticipates will be long term.


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