Alexandra Dillon

Alexandra Dillon is a wonderful artist based in LA who found her flow when she started painting portraits on hardware. I’m a big fan of her work so I was really excited to connect with her to record this episode.

In this episode she talks about her classical training and how that informs the work she makes, finding her flow, how she came to paint on hardware such as shovels, saws and brushes, and recent successes with gallery and museum shows.

5 things I learned from Alexandra

  1. She studied film making and had early career hopes of working in the film industry as her father was a screen writer and her grandmothers were extras on Ben Hur.

  2. She says her work is about self hood, and becoming in touch with our inner selves and how females have been historically portrayed.

  3. She paints the faces from the imagination rather than having a sitter, much like Goya who has been a big influence alongside Velasquez and Manet.

  4. As an artist she believes that art comes from a subconscious place and when you are open to a higher consciousness, the authentic work comes through.

  5. Alexandra manages her own career path, sending press releases to media connections she has made and seeking opportunities to exhibit. In 2018 she showed at The Other Art Fair LA, and that led to her being discovered by a museum curator and a group show at the Oceanside Museum of Art in California.


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