Roys Art Fair

Roy Tyrson returns to the podcast to talk about the next fair taking place 3-6 October 2019 at the Truman Brewery.

He talks about the growth of the fair, the plans for the coming year as well as the opportunities that an artists fair offers artists including selling directly and meeting their audience including gallerists, curators and press, often jumpstarting the careers of those who have limited exhibiting experience.

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How not to sell art

I’ve been an art buyer for many years but this year I have had some terrible art buying experiences and I share them here. From galleries where the staff dont want to talk about the work, hiding behind their computer, being made to fill out long forms for what should be a simple transaction. Selling art requires customer care. And buying art is an experiences that anyone on the sellside needs to learn and improve with each interaction.

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Art pricing, when to raise your prices, how art prices go up

So many conversations I’ve had through workshops and my 1-1 clients centre around art pricing for artists, and in particular when they should raise their art prices.

This post answers the questions ‘when should I raise my price for my artwork?’ , ‘How do art prices rise"? and ‘should I show my prices on my website?’

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Artists' Fairs - all you need to know

An episode dedicated to artists fairs - why sell at an artists fair, how to choose the right one for you, what to do once you are accepted for the fair, and how to use the event to grow your sales and collector base.

In this episode I go into a deep dive of how an artists fair can be a great stepping stone in an artists career, give them invaluable experience and how to use the event to attract new collectors as well as the attention of galleries for representation.

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The Coffee Shop as an Art Gallery

A guideline for coffee shops that want to present changing art work, give artists opportunities to exhibit and engage with their local creative community, can do this more efficiently by hiring in someone to manage this for them. It is a much better business decision to hire a curator than try to manage this time consuming work and deliver a half baked art display.

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Artists' Open Studios

Artists’ Open Studios are a great idea for artists whether they are working from home or a separate allocated studio space.

This post lists a bunch of reasons to show from your studio, including making direct sales without paying a commission, growing your mailing list, and meeting your collectors and patrons.

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