Jeremy Wolff - Empire state of mind

In this episode I talk to the artist in residence at the Empire State Building, Jeremy Wolff.

I loved talking to Jeremy who decided to pursue his love of art and transit out of a corporate job. He talks about the journey he has been on since becoming an artist 5 years ago, figuring out the gallery system, how licensing works and building his resume along the way.

7 Things I learned from Jeremy

  1. He uses what he learned from college and working in the corporate sector in his art business .

  2. He uses Instagram as one of his main marketing tools and was doing almost all his business from the platform before he even had a website.

  3. He blends a street art aesthetic using spray paints and other processes into his traditional painting methods to create portraits and landscape art that also blend in references to popular culture including TV, music and sports.

  4. The residency at the Empire State Building includes a combination of showing original work on consignment and licensing his work to be applied to bags, socks, and other merchandise

  5. He totally understands that building a resume or CV is documenting the growth of artist and this in turn is how his prices rise, and he finds newer and bigger opportunities.

  6. He was featured in Forbes magazine after a contributor to the magazine saw his work on social media, showed the art work around the office and then decided to write a piece about the artist.

  7. I love Jeremy’s approach to his work and the determination to continually reach new heights, find new projects, grow his exposure and his experience.

Display of original paintings by Jeremy Wolff at the Empire State Building

Display of original paintings by Jeremy Wolff at the Empire State Building

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