Liz Atkin

This episode is with artist Liz Atkin, an artist that uses her art practice to control her skin picking compulsion.  In this episode we talk about the impact of art on mental health and how Liz came to find her medium of choice, charcoal.  She talks about the type of work that has come her way as an artist, since facing her skin picking compulsion head on.

Liz Atkin art work.png

Liz also hosts workshops with organisations focussed on mental health.

The artist talks about the work she does with groups of all ages, and how creative practice is central to wellbeing.

Liz goes on to talk about how she finds or is found, for exhibitions worldwide thanks to social media.

We talk about the fear of visibility online for many artists, and Liz discusses that as a freelancer, her career is somewhat dependent on it. She talks about embracing all aspects of her art work and that sharing her work online through social media is central to her practice as she addresses a little discussed topic of skin picking through her work

Liz Atkin Pouring Mountains.png