Johanna Rossi

Monaco based artist, Johanna Rossi is todays guest on the podcast. She talks about how motherhood brought her back to art a a channel to explore her relationship with the world.

After an early career circling the creative industries Johanna found herself in recovery from health problems after the birth of her first child. She became a health coach but soon realised that this part of her journey was leaving her unfulfilled. She picked up her paintbrushes again and uses art to explore her feelings and her connection with those around her.

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Jeremy Wolff - Empire state of mind

Jeremy Wolff is the artist in residence at the Empire State Building.

Jeremy started his art career in 2014 and committed to it full time going all in. Since starting he has pursued various opportunities including galleries to show his work and take it to major art fairs, collaborations with brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and getting media attention and appearing in Forbes magazine.

In this episode he talks about his street-art-meets-fine-art aesthetic, and his career as well as his plans for the future.

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Alexandra Gallagher

My guest in this episode is Alex Gallagher, a collage artist based in the north of England.

She credits social media as giving her the opportunities that she would otherwise have missed out on. Alex, has worked on large scale commercial projects and is excited at the new opportunities that come her way through her online presence.

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Barbara Segal, stone artist

Barbara Segal is the guest on this episode of the podcast. Barbara is a stone carver and contemporary artist producing stunning work in a variety of marble and stones.

She talks about the various places she trained in Europe to learn her craft and about drawing on her personal history to create stone sculptures of clothing and handbags.

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Sebastian Martorana, stone sculptor

Sebastian Martorano is a stone sculptor based in Baltimore, Maryland. Much of the material used for his sculptures is salvaged from Baltimore’s historic, though often discarded, architecture.

In this episode he talks about his work as a sculptor, often delivering commissions for public spaces and buildings as well as his recent piece - Permanent Separation Anxiety which comments on the current issues of child and parent separation at the US southern borders.

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Liz Atkin

Gita Joshi talks to artist Liz Atkin who is an artist that uses her art practice to control her skin picking compulsion. In this episode we talk about the impact of art on mental health and how Liz came to find her medium of choice, charcoal. She talks about the type of work that has come her way as an artist, since facing her skin picking compulsion head on.

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