Sara Shakeel - adding sparkle everywhere

Sara Shakeel is a digital artist who has moved into sculpture and brings her first solo show to the Now Gallery at Greenwich Peninsula, London. Ahead of the exhibition, The Great Supper, Sara and I talked about her journey into the art world. We talk about happiness, social media, her quote ‘every picture heals a part of me and I hope it heals a part of you too’ and her successes as an artist that travels the world and is courted by major brands.

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Anne Claire Fleer & Painting the Body

Anne Claire Fleer is an artist whose work is around body positivity and female empowerment. She paints her clients with body paint to blend in with her abstract paintings. Her work attracts women who have body image issues and gives them the confidence to celebrate their bodies. Fleer talks about her work and experience of different art fairs, and her plans for the year ahead.

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Charlie Levine and ITV Creates

Charlie Levine is the curator behind the ITV Creates project. The project invites a different artist each week to produce the tv channels’ ident which is broadcast between television programs.

In this episode she talks about how the project came about, working with the artists, the recording schedule and working with stakeholders in a major corporation.

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Caroline Jane Harris

Caroline Jane Harris is my guest on this episode of the podcast. She talks about her exhibition at Kristin Hjellegjerde gallery in Wandsworth, London, titled A Three Dimensional Sky.

She talks about using printmaking techniques in her art work, images as physical objects, reducing images to bit map files and then rebuilding them into the art works, and her recent fellowship.

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Me on Mizog Art Podcast

Gita Joshi is the guest on the Mizog art podcast with Gary Mansfield. In this episode she talks about her entry into the art world, setting up her gallery, working as a curator, running exhibitions and the support she offers artists to help them promote their work and their art businesses.

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Gary Mansfield - born again artist

Gary Mansfield talks about his time in prison and becoming a born again artist.

Gary is an artist, curator and podcaster. He developed his love of art while serving time in prison and from his cell he began writing to artists - many of the YBA. Since leaving prison, Gary studied art and has his own art podcast Mizogart. In this episode of the podcast he tells me about his journey through the art world.

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Carrie Brummer

Carrie Brummer talks about her project, Anonymous Woman, which was inspired by a visit to the US National Archives. In this episode of the podcast she talks about her work, her process using various media, inspiration of her designs having lived in the Middle East. She also discusses her online community Artists Strong and working toward an exhibition at the end of 2019.

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Johanna Rossi

Monaco based artist, Johanna Rossi is todays guest on the podcast. She talks about how motherhood brought her back to art a a channel to explore her relationship with the world.

After an early career circling the creative industries Johanna found herself in recovery from health problems after the birth of her first child. She became a health coach but soon realised that this part of her journey was leaving her unfulfilled. She picked up her paintbrushes again and uses art to explore her feelings and her connection with those around her.

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Jeremy Wolff - Empire state of mind

Jeremy Wolff is the artist in residence at the Empire State Building.

Jeremy started his art career in 2014 and committed to it full time going all in. Since starting he has pursued various opportunities including galleries to show his work and take it to major art fairs, collaborations with brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and getting media attention and appearing in Forbes magazine.

In this episode he talks about his street-art-meets-fine-art aesthetic, and his career as well as his plans for the future.

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Art pricing, when to raise your prices, how art prices go up

So many conversations I’ve had through workshops and my 1-1 clients centre around art pricing for artists, and in particular when they should raise their art prices.

This post answers the questions ‘when should I raise my price for my artwork?’ , ‘How do art prices rise"? and ‘should I show my prices on my website?’

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Artists' Fairs - all you need to know

An episode dedicated to artists fairs - why sell at an artists fair, how to choose the right one for you, what to do once you are accepted for the fair, and how to use the event to grow your sales and collector base.

In this episode I go into a deep dive of how an artists fair can be a great stepping stone in an artists career, give them invaluable experience and how to use the event to attract new collectors as well as the attention of galleries for representation.

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Collaborating on Creative Projects

Collaborating on creative projects with Richard Watkins - this episode is all about what true collaboration means and how this differs from participation in a project, joining in or being hired.

Creative collaboration is all about developing your practice and where all parties benefit to further their own journeys.

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