Artists' Fairs - all you need to know

An episode dedicated to artists fairs - why sell at an artists fair, how to choose the right one for you, what to do once you are accepted for the fair, and how to use the event to grow your sales and collector base.

In this episode I go into a deep dive of how an artists fair can be a great stepping stone in an artists career, give them invaluable experience and how to use the event to attract new collectors as well as the attention of galleries for representation.

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Collaborating on Creative Projects

Collaborating on creative projects with Richard Watkins - this episode is all about what true collaboration means and how this differs from participation in a project, joining in or being hired.

Creative collaboration is all about developing your practice and where all parties benefit to further their own journeys.

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Haus of Lucy

Lucy Bryant talks about her work, how she is inspired when she finds original items in charity shops to create into new art works. She goes on to talk about her plates made for the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and how the intentional joke went viral across the media. Lucy was picked up by her first gallery in 2018, and hopes to be working with five galleries in 2019 as well as collaborating with Ace Club

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The Word is Art by Michael Petry

Michael Petry is an artist and curator as well as the director at MOCA London. In this episode he talks about his new book, The Word is Art published by Thames and Hudson. Along with the book, Michael is planning a touring exhibition which is currently stalled due to the Brexit negotiations. He discusses the impact of Brexit on the creative and arts sector, the resistance from ministers to acknowledge the impact on this area of our economy, and what it could mean for the future of the arts.

We discuss the book, how it came about and issues around translation given the book features 200 artists working in 60 languages..

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Alexandra Gallagher

My guest in this episode is Alex Gallagher, a collage artist based in the north of England.

She credits social media as giving her the opportunities that she would otherwise have missed out on. Alex, has worked on large scale commercial projects and is excited at the new opportunities that come her way through her online presence.

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The Jaunt

This episode is about the art project The Jaunt - a simple concept of art patronage to fund travel and creativity for artists.

The project started in 2013 and now funds 10 Jaunts a year for artists to explore new places and get inspired to create new art works which they have presold to fund the adventure.

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Barbara Segal, stone artist

Barbara Segal is the guest on this episode of the podcast. Barbara is a stone carver and contemporary artist producing stunning work in a variety of marble and stones.

She talks about the various places she trained in Europe to learn her craft and about drawing on her personal history to create stone sculptures of clothing and handbags.

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Sebastian Martorana, stone sculptor

Sebastian Martorano is a stone sculptor based in Baltimore, Maryland. Much of the material used for his sculptures is salvaged from Baltimore’s historic, though often discarded, architecture.

In this episode he talks about his work as a sculptor, often delivering commissions for public spaces and buildings as well as his recent piece - Permanent Separation Anxiety which comments on the current issues of child and parent separation at the US southern borders.

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Debbie Carne

Debbie Carne is an artist who uses vintage plates onto which she applies her designs sourced from image libraries. Summer 2018 sees her first solo show at the Exhibitionist Hotel in West London. For the podcast we talked about her journey to finding her style and how her practice has evolved.

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Roy's People Art Fair

Roy Tyson is a driven artist who enjoyed the thrill of taking part in artists' fairs where he could learn from his visitors and sell his fine art photography. It led him to set up his own art fair called Roy’s People Art Fair, in 2017 which now takes place twice a year.

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