Gita Joshi

I spend a lot of time around artists. They are really interesting people ( most of the time) .

I started this site as a blog to collate all the conversations I was having with them, and to share that with new audiences.

I hope you enjoy the podcast which you can subscribe to on Apple Itunes

You can join the Facebook group for artists here

I run Orso Major an award winning gallery which was at Waterloo til 2016.  The gallery now operates online and you can see it here

I've run artists open studio programs, worked with arts charities, organised open exhibitions, curated exhibitions in business spaces as well as within the gallery context, helped artists prepare to work with galleries, portfolio reviews, been a juror for art competitions and a whole lot more.   Currently I am working with artists and curating exhibitions in larger public spaces, while developing and growing my own curatorial practice.

My latest online program for artists taking part in artists fairs can be found here

Artists looking for mentoring can find details here

How to work with me

Join the Facebook group for artists here

CURATING SPACES - If you have a venue where you would like to host an art exhibition, I can work with you to curate an exhibition, or a program of exhibitions. It is important to me that an art exhibition for your business has the desired impact which is often footfall and in turn revenue. On a project such as this we will also cover marketing of the exhibitions' program to ensure that your business objectives are met with the project.

CURATING EXHIBITIONS  - If you are an artist or collective and looking for a curator for your exhibition, someone to help steer your show to success, help in finding venues in the London area, produce a catalogue, work on the marketing and promotional aspects of your show, then get in touch. We may be a fit. This is the main work i do as a curator. It is fee based rather than commission based. 

Note for Artists  -  I am not looking to represent any more artists at this time. However you can use the apply button on the top menu bar and apply to be on the podcast or blog. My focus is art work in mixed media typically, but not always. This is not suitable for everyone but if you're a talky type, then we might have a fun convo.


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