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POrtfolio reviews & Artist mentoring

You’ve taken classes to learn your craft, spent hours in the studio perfecting your process, produced work that has great feedback and maybe shown at group exhibitions, open studios or artists fairs.

It is likely time you had an professional eye look over your work to help you get to the next stage in your art career.

And you’re in the right place.

This service is for artists who are looking for advice to

  • organise their bodies of work,

  • figure out how to present their work,

  • and take actionable next steps in progressing their art career.

The multiple hour package is a bespoke service tailored to your needs, whether it is developing project ideas, pricing your work, finding galleries and opportunities to show, planning that next exhibition, a strategy for an artists fair, or even figuring out what the next step is for you.

“I have a day job, can we do these sessions in the evenings or at the weekend?”

We sure can, I want you to get the most out of your investment and totally understand that daytime office hours don’t suit everyone

“Will you help me find a gallery to sell my art work?”

I’ll help you identify suitable galleries, figure out what you should be looking for, then we can talk about how to approach them, as well as what you need to have in place before you apply for gallery representation. It is worth knowing that a gallery may not do all the things that you need and working with a gallery might just be one part of what you are looking for in your career.

“What do I need to have in place before our session?”

Some visual work and an artists’ statement ideally. At a minimum you need to have Jpegs of your work if we are doing the session online, this can be sent me ahead of the appointment or it can be a link to your website. I’d like to see an artists’ statement even if it is at a rough stage, this could be something that we work on together as it is a key part of communicating your ideas.

“I work in different media, I don’t know which one we should talk about”

No problemo. Many artists I work with produce art in different media and I don’t think you should tame your creativity if you are called to work across different disciplines. For our sessions, and certainly to start with, it would be best for you if we discuss all your work, and yourself as the artist. You are the common denominator in your work after all.

Then we can look at the positioning of the work and what you hope to achieve.

The mentoring sessions will give you clarity around direction and possibilities.

1 hour session £125

3 hours £325 - this can be taken as an initial 60 mins session followed by 30 mins sessions thereafter. Must be used within 3 months.

6 hours £600 - Suitable for anyone who would like regular support on their development, particularly working towards an event such as an exhibition or fair. Must be used within 4 months.

Artists Mentoring

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